For years, nothing changed. While the rest of the financial world has made use of rapidly expanding fintech solutions, credit unions have been shackled by legacy barriers that deprive them of access to the latest digital technologies. These barriers have left credit unions unable to provide the services their members needed.

But now, Constellation is here. And the revolution has begun.

We have raised the most capital in the shortest amount of time in credit union history. This is a testament to the power of our groundbreaking idea. Our patented, secure marketplace benefits fintech developers, credit unions, and most importantly, credit union members.

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  • Collaborative environment

  • Team lunches

  • Great benefits including 100% employer paid healthcare, 401K match

  • Pelatons and ping-pong table



Our Team

  • Kris Kovacs

    President and CEO

  • Ed Brooks

    Chief Technology and Information Security Officer

  • Lauren Moran

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Ryan Talbot

    Channel Services Manager

  • Karrie Bomar

    Office Administrator

  • Sage Dunlevy

    Project Manager

  • David Scavo

    Mobile Application Architect

  • Quentin Blackburn

    Dev Ops Specialist

  • Scott Walch

    Director of Development

  • Conner Leigh

    Service Developer

  • David Purdy

    Full Stack Developer

  • Duncan Warwick

    Data Engineer

  • Leon Wall

    Technical Support Representative

  • Sydney Wait

    Service Developer

  • Savannah Beckler-Jones

    UI Designer

  • Michael Schiller

    Information Security Analyst

  • Joe Frizzell

    Data Engineer

  • Jason Trodgen

    QA Specialist

  • Cindy Brucato

    Digital Banking Product Manager

  • Jim Howell

    iOS Mobile Application Developer

  • Tyler McDonald

    Junior Developer Sales Engineer

  • Tammy Robbins

    Technical Support Representative

  • Anson Beckler-Jones

    Training Lead

  • Ben Caretti

    Director of Engineering

  • Randy Reich

    Platform Product Manager

  • Jeremy Seegmiller

    Technical Customer Support Manager

  • Jen Sebring

    Mission Specialist

  • Tal Sabas

    Data Architect

  • Angela Warfield

    Project Manager

  • Marc Miller

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Dan Obernesser

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Christopher Brown

    Developer Experience Product Manager

  • Thomas Ferri

    Platform Operations Manager

  • Santhosh Rajaveloo

    Full Stack Developer

  • Karen Reich

    Product Business Analyst

  • Misty Myers

    QA Specialist

  • Wendy Ghering

    Product Manager

  • Jonathan Price

    Application Administrator

  • Sarah Payne

    Project Manager

  • Eric Shinn

    Full Stack Developer

  • Michael Giamoni

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Kelly McKenna

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Amanda Ball

    Product Designer

  • David Billups

    Full Stack Developer

  • Jordan Twyman

    Full Stack Developer

  • Kina Smith

    Application Administrator